Dear IBM i friends,

Monday 28 november the will be a special IBM i consult , also known as the "IBM i spreekuur" 

Niels Liisberg’s IceBreak session had technical problems and he has kindly accepted to give his session as a webinar on 28 Nov 16:00-17:00 hours. 


16:00 Opening
16:10 Using Icebreak on IBM i to build microservices. By Niels Liisberg
17:00 Closure


Detailed :  

The design paradigm of enterprise solutions has changes dramatically over the last couple of years.
Why is SOA not the big buzz any longer and how come can a much simpler technology gain all the focus?
Microservices is easy to work with and runs in any environment on IBM i.
From node.js and JAVA to Python and RPG.
You can expand and deploy to any platform – on premise - In the cloud. It's so flexible!!


Tijdens dit spreekuur kunnen de leden hun IBM i gerelateerde vragen, problemen, klachten etc. delen met de aanwezige bestuursleden van Common Nederland. Stuur maar je vragen eerder in naar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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Volgende IBM i spreekuur is 30 januari 2023

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