Op 25 september 2017, organiseert Common Nederland het derde event.
Deze keer zijn wij te gast bij Sligro in Veghel.


Sligro - Ingang van ZiN inspiratie centrum gebruiken, deze is rechts naast de ingang van de Sligro winkel Kennedylaan 3, 5466 AA Veghel


  • 16:00 Welkom en opening.
  • IBM i en Sligro Food Group door Maurice van Veghel, CIO en directeur IT Sligro Food Group.
  • Morten Rasmussen (IBM) A practical approach to IBM i SQL performance tuning (deze presentatie zal in het Engels zijn).
    • The minimum you should know about DB2/SQL for IBM i in the performance area.
      When you are working with SQL and query tuning you should know the free tools provided like the Visual Explain where you can view SQL information from the Plan Cache and from the DB Monitor trace.
      What is a good approach to viewing the data. Where can you possible get some easy wins in making your performance better.
      What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the DBMON (DB Monitor trace).
  • Ontwikkelen met RDi, Debuggen en QA met RDi, Uitbreiden van RDi. Geert Peters, lead developer Sligro Food Group i.s.m. Wim Jongman, CTO van Remain Software.
  • Pauze
  • Young Talent Development door Manfred Sielhorst/Jenny Queckbörner. (deze presentatie zal in het Engels zijn)
    • Learn how you can benefit of POWER® students and the IBM Academic Initiative work. See how the IBM i community can benefit from the results achieved at University of Applied Science in Darmstadt as an example of 7 years work with students. First have a look at their key education targets for students regarding database architecture and development regarding DB2 i and RD i.
      Manfred Sielhorst will take key aspects of the project management education in the 2nd semester and show how that can be integrated into every days project work for POWER students. We are looking into project management on IBM i based on Projektron BCS as an example. We use it in combination with DB2 i from Linux (or native in PASE) and benefit of the system capabilities like High Availability or DB2 i Temporal Support. You can learn that your POWER system can provide Database as a Service for applications, which primarily have not been developed for IBM i / DB2 i and why that makes sense.
      Some of those students have provided extra results during their practical or thesis work that has been taken ahead to CEAC or RFE and can improve every IBM i environment today. Jenny Queckbörner has evaluated some key differences between DB2 i and MS SQL server on behalf of data history.

      About Jenny Queckbörner:
      Jenny Queckbörner studies Computer Science at the University of Applied Science in Darmstadt. In her Bachelor thesis "Analyzing options for the introduction of Temporal Support for a web application", she applied the new feature (SQL:2011 Standard for System Versioning) and used a web application for project management on DB2 i on Linux / PASE and MS SQL Server to compare those on behalf of Temporal Support. Before completing her studies in computer science, she was trained as a professional pop singer at the Sängerakademie Hamburg (2005-2008), and then studied music education in the main subject "pop vocals" at the University of Osnabrück (2008-2013). During her studies in computer science (2013-2017) she gained her first professional experience at Sielhorst-iT Beratung UG, Darmstadt and Projektron GmbH, Berlin.

      About Manfred Sielhorst:
      As lecturer at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences at the Faculty of information technology (https://www.fbi.h-da.de/fbi.html), Manfred Sielhorst has been lecturing since 2010 on Database Achitectures using IBM i as an example platform. Manfred Sielhorst is looking after projects of students who are trying to use open source and commercial applications in conjunction with DB2 i.
      The company behind this was founded in 2006/2010 (www.sielhorst-it.de) and is always looking for sponsors and project partnerships around projects with students to finance and support new interesting topics and to benefit of roughly 30 years of experiences around this technology full of POWER (https://www.linkedin.com/in/manfredsielhorst/).
      The results about BIRT reporting and deployment native on IBM i, project management, document processing and web shop security, replication and historical data handling are therefore platform-independent and flow into the consultation of customers and often form the basis of projects with customers.
      In addition, the experience and results from the university environment have been integrated into the IBM requirements process as a member of the COMMON Europe Advisory Council (CEAC) for many years.

  • Migratie naar Power8 - Hugo Jaspers
    • Bij de overgang van Power6 naar Power7 hardware en de overgang van internal naar external disc in 2012 heeft Sligro een negatieve ervaring op het gebied van performance gehad. Na een datacenter brand is ook de externe disc vervangen, waarbij de verwachte performance verbetering niet werd gerealiseerd.
      Hugo vertelt de route die Sligro vanaf dat moment heeft gelopen en laat de resultaten zien van de overgang van Power7 naar Power8 hardware en IBM Storewize V9000 en V7000 storage.
  • 19:30 Netwerkborrel.

Een Common Netherlands event is gratis voor leden van KNVI, voor niet-leden wordt een bijdrage van € 65 gevraagd. Het bestuur van Common Netherlands heeft, om het lidmaatschap in de toekomst te bevorderen, gekozen voor de mogelijkheid om per aanmelding één introducee toe te staan. De bedoeling is dat de introducee, wanneer het event hem/haar goed is bevallen, lid wordt van KNVI. Daarom is het toegestaan dat u slechts één keer dezelfde introducee meebrengt.

Een introducee dient door u te worden aangemeld. Gelieve dit bij uw aanmelding duidelijk te vermelden. Zoals u van ons en de Sligro gewend bent staat er een drankje en een hapje tijdens en na afloop voor u klaar.

De presentaties:

Basis presentatie - Hugo Jaspers

IBM i en Sligro - Maurice van Veghel

Extending RDi - Wim Jongman Geert Peters

Young Talent Development - Manfred Sielhorst/Jenny Queckbörner

Sligro Food Group Power8 Migration - Hugo Jaspers

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